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How to Decorate an Empty Wall in Your Home by Elena Neirink

Do you have an empty wall and you're not sure what to do with it?

An art collage or a photographic collection is a unique way to decorate your empty wall with a personal touch. A collage will not only warm up a large space, but also brighten a small room.

Start by gathering all your framed artwork or photographs. Make sure to stay with a similar color palette to avoid visual chaos.

By using the same frames in different sizes and the matting in the same color, you'll achieve a unified look. 

For an eclectic look, use a random collection of frames in mixed metal shades with complementary wood finished frames. 

A mirror or some dimensional objects like a wall clock or metal iron work is a great way to add visual interest. 

If you have some existing frames that don’t coordinate well with your collection, they can easily be repainted.

Whether your style is modern, traditional or eclectic, there are many ways to design a collage. A good rule is to keep frames from 2″ up to 6″ apart, depending on your preference.

Start with an invisible line through the middle of the empty wall or at the bottom of the space if you’re hanging your collage over a bed or sofa. When hanging a collage on a staircase, make sure to follow the lines of the steps by measuring every other step to keep the distance the same between your collage and the staircase.

Begin with a focal point piece and play around with pictures by placing them on the floor using the same measurements of the wall area. You can also use pieces of paper the same size as the pictures. Use painter’s tape to stick them to the wall to get a better visual. Scaling and proportions from right to left is very important. This will help keep your collage cohesive.

If you need some inspiration, you can also begin by drawing from examples within Anna's website and implement them in your own home today .

Elena Neirink is an owner/designer with Anna's Interior Design and Anna's Drapery Shop. She's been a design professional for nearly 30 years. Her specialties include manufacturing and design of custom window treatments, bedding and furnishings. She also provides consultations for new construction and remodeling. Elena has extensive experience in both residential and commercial decorating. You can reach her at 248.245.3505 or