Interior Design Trends

World of Fashion Inspires Interior Design by Elena Neirink

The world of fashion has long been a source of inspiration for interior design and vice versa.

After all, fabric is fabric no matter how you cut it—just like Scarlet O’Hara, who famously pulled down her velvet curtains to make a head-turning dress so she could look like a queen.

Throughout history, real or dramatized, trends have been shared between fashion and design. We have recently seen a casual, comfortable style permeate the two worlds. Comfort is equally important when it comes to our clothing and living spaces. Casual Friday has become the norm in many office environments, and relaxed interiors are gaining in popularity.

For example, the distressed, reclaimed wood furnishings in shades of bleached pine or silvery painted finishes that can be found in your popular furniture lines as well as your local resale shops. Reclaimed wood pieces can be given an old-world look with hand distressing, wiping and dry brush techniques. When paired with industrial recycled metals, it provides a relaxed contemporary style with rustic charm.. Not to mention, it is very eco-friendly. For an elegant, casual design, combine the above trend with neutral linen fabrics.

A more dramatic effect can be achieved by adding a metal nail head trim to any sofa or headboard. Tufted upholstery on curved pieces will provide softness to the angular lines of a living area while antiqued mirror accents add a touch of romance to a room.

Seaside chic is another, casual versatile design with broad appeal in both fashion and interior design. To capture the soothing rhythm of the ocean, one can accent with shells and coral. Of course, the emphasis is on the blue color palette in shades of navy, cobalt, turquoise and teal. This will make a soft and serene statement. Blue is known to widely appeal to both men and women, and it also looks good on all skin tones. Shades of taupe, gray, citron, and tomato in ikat patterns and nautical stripes add an eclectic mix to help transform your home into your own oasis.

Colorful florals and geometric prints that are all the rage for athletic wear are adding the same vibrant pops of unexpected color and supply a versatile complement to many decorating styles. A boldly patterned chair is a commanding presence, which can bring an element of surprise to an otherwise stately room. Dynamic color combinations, like leafy green and pink hues, create a fresh look with a whimsical twist.

Whatever your inspiration may be, fashion or interior design, you have the ability to create a sanctuary in your home— a space that exudes your personal style while providing a calm retreat from the daily grind, a place where you can get away from the world, a home where you can relax and get centered.

Elena Neirink is an owner/designer with Anna's Interior Design and Anna's Draper Shop. She's been a design professional for nearly 30 years. Her specialties include manufacturing and design of custom window treatments, bedding and furnishings. She also provides consultations for new construction and remodeling. Elena has extensive experience in both residential and commercial decorating. You can reach her at 248.245.3505 or