Red by Elena Neirink

A designer's love poem In honor of Valentine's Day...

Red with blue

Red with green

With all the colors

In between


Luxurious on velvet

Soft in a sateen

Sprinkled in a room

Red dares to be seen


Sultry in the bedroom

Appetizing when dining

Red even makes a splash

Hiding as a coat's lining


Seductive on the shoe

Elegant for a dress

When red enters the room

She will be a success


Red powers the suit tie

And brightens the lips

It adds the right touch

To our finger tips


Red is our blood

And heart's desire

We can feel the warmth

As it fuels the fire


Giving love to some

And joy to others

Red is the mother

Of all colors

Elena Neirink is an owner/designer with Anna's Interior Design and Anna's Drapery Shop. She's been a design profession for nearly 30 years and her specialties include design and manufacturing of custom window treatments, bedding and furnishings. She also provides consultations for new construction and remodeling. She has extensive experience in both residential and commercial decorating. You can reach her at 248.245.3505 or